StyleActions and GDPR

May 26, 2018
On May 25th 2018, the most comprehensive change to privacy legislation ever undertaken —the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)— takes effect. Here at, data protection is something we take very seriously. As a cloud-based company entrusted with our customers’ data, we’ll continue to view the treatment of our users’ data as a top... Read more

10 color Ps actions from

Apr 19, 2018
10 color actions When it comes to the photo editing many photographers deal with the problem of the boring and uninteresting general overlook! They waste a lot of their working time on creating or recreating some bright photo effects, which will improve the overlook of their works. Of course, many photos need some additional bright colors and some glitch. But there is no need to waste so... Read more

Save your time with PS Actions

Apr 17, 2018
Save your time with PS Actions Are you wasting to much time on creating decent photo works? Are you tired from continuously fails and working nights? Do you want to change the working process and spend more time on interesting tasks, not on photo editing? The solution is simple! Use Photoshop action for photo editing and complete your work in few minutes! Now with Photoshop action, you... Read more

Free and Premium Ps actions for your best photos

Mar 20, 2018
Free and Premium Ps actions for your best photos Photos have special energy. Photos are able to tell stories. Everyone wants to remember the best moments of their lives. We want to save the happiest moments in our memory and that is why we take photos. Moreover, there are many devices that help us take great photos. We also use photos to tell people about our lives by posting them in social... Read more

Cover your photo gently or several free overlays from

Mar 14, 2018
Cover your photo gently or several free overlays from Sometimes, you may feel that your photos need a special touch. There are many ways to make your photos look special. You can add special effects or change contrast or add new layers and tweak everything to make it even better. Plus, you have many filters. However, there is a fast, easy and effective way to make your... Read more