What font should I use? For what thing you should turn your attention during picking.

Nov 29, 2017
What font should I use? For what thing you should turn your attention during picking. If you are a beginner, the font picking can seem to you the hard and timeless task to overcome. For many designers, it’s a mystifying process! And it’s no wonder why! There is an endless choice of fonts, beginning with variants that are more conventional and with some candy or sweet fonts! There are... Read more

Creative grunge or glitch? What to prefer?

Sep 12, 2017
These two creative effects gain the popularity, whence it follows to the question “What effect should I prefer grunge or glitch?” Of course, it depends on the results you need to achieve. Grunge effect will look perfect with the vintage or retro designs; it can give some aging look to your photos. In addition, it will look gorgeous with some sports images or photos in-move (there are... Read more

How to buy an action. Step by step guide.

May 22, 2017
  Step 1. Choose an action you want to buy and press a button ‘BUY NOW’. Step 2. There will be a message that the action is in your cart in the drop down window. Step 3. You can view your cart and complete purchase or go back to the store. If you are going to complete the purchase, so go to the cart. If you have no account you need to enter your Full... Read more

The fonts we use

Nov 22, 2016
To make a quality PSD flyer attractive and effective we use a wide range of fonts. Fonts should be chosen properly in order to complete the images and create an amazing flyer. Choosing a font We do not create fonts on our own, because it would take too much time. We use free fonts in our flyers. Here are some stocks, where you can find the fonts we... Read more