FREE Overlays

Our free Photoshop overlay category will bring all designers and photographers a beautiful opportunity to make their photos look more breathtaking and sophisticated just by using our packs!  You can download any pack you want and use it for any amount of your works without any limitations.

Who can use this product and where to use them?

First of all, we must say that the target audience of such products, of course, will be photographers and designers. But finally, any user which can improve their photo content can use this product for their personal use. You can add some flower petals to your wedding photos or add some falling leaves for the autumn photo. The area of usage isn’t limited. Because of easy applying process, even the Photoshop amateur can adjust any our free overlay!

If you deal with overlay attachment at the first time, you can watch some tutorials or just read our short instructions, which will help you to understand the applying process easily!

The adjusting process will take maximum one minute of your time and it consists of three easy steps:

  1. Open your image you want to improve and our overlay in your Photoshop.
  2. Copy the overlay and place it on the image you want to change.
  3. The last step is switching to the blending mode.

After these steps will be finished save the result and you will get a sophisticated image without any additional manipulations.

We try to provide our clients with the great selections of the Photoshop overlays, even when we talk about the free products. Here we try to collect all overlays kinds, which are in the high demand now! What categories you will find here:

  1. All overlays, which are related to the weather or natural overlook, like:

–    Snow Photoshop overlays

–    Cloud Photoshop overlays

–     Leaves Photoshop overlays

–    Sky Photoshop overlays

–    Floating dust Photoshop overlays

–    Natural sunlight Photoshop overlays

  1. Overlays, which will add some lightening effect to your image:

–    Sunlight Photoshop overlays

–    Lightening Photoshop overlays

–    Light leaks Photoshop overlays

–    Gradient Photoshop overlays


  1. Overlays, which will some creative and specific patterns to your image:

–    Petals Photoshop overlays

–     Bubbles Photoshop overlays

–     Butterfly Photoshop overlays

  1. Any other overlays, which will help you to achieve luxury or celebrating appearance:

–    Different celebration Photoshop overlays

–    Glitter Photoshop overlays

–    Bokeh Photoshop overlays

As you can see, the variety of free Photoshop overlays can impress any photographer.

As you can notice, we offer two kinds of overlays bundles: free and premium. And the main two difference between them are:

–    Free overlays resolution will be 3000 х 1000рх and the premium products can offer bigger resolution 5000х3000 рх. Of course, for bigger products, you will need to pay.

–    The quantity of the overlays in the bundle will be different! Downloading the free overlays, you must understand that you will find less product inside when the premium bundle can offer the huger selection of Photoshop overlays.

For those clients who are hesitating in purchasing the premium product, we advise to start with free Photoshop overlays packs and then in case of full satisfaction you can purchase some premium bundles.

Start using the additional Photoshop elements and enjoy the professional result without useless manipulations and timewasting.

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