Free 2D Photoshop Actions

Photoshop action can allow you to save your working hours by using the ready effect for your future designs without wasting hours, or your whole working week creating your photo effects from scratches!

Such actions are the great timesaving tools for all designers and photographers. 2d PSD Actions can help you to improve your general photos appearance and the emphasize the best its parts. Depending on the result you want to get, you will be able to choose the most appropriate Photoshop action!

In this category, you will find a great variety of 2D Photoshop actions which you can use during photo editing or design creating.

Which 2d actions we can offer for you?

2d Photoshop actions divide into several categories and we are happy to provide you with the whole diversity of 2d actions.

    • Photos effects. This category combines all Photoshop actions which can improve your general photo look.

    • HDR effects. This action category combines all actions, which are aimed to make your image and designs sharper without adding useless noise.

    • Painting and Drawing effects. Such effects will turn your image into masterpiece copy. You will be able to transform your general photo into gorgeous painting masterpieces. Here you can find some old painting effect or cartoon line art effects.

    • Retouching effects. If you want to add skin retouching effect to your portrait works this category will be a perfect variant for you! Here you can find some appropriate variants for portrait editing.

    • Cinematic effects. These actions will turn your images into movie look masterpieces. Cinematic effects are in the high demand now so this category can become your priority.

    • Vintage effects. Add stunning vintage look to your portrait, design, wedding photos or any other images within few seconds. We can offer diversity variants of vintage effect so everybody can find something to his liking.

    • Retro effects. The other one great action category where you can find the effect, which will turn back the clock.

    • Grunge effects. Grunge actions combine different rips, tears, decay, smears, and scratches. Such effects are used for achieving a dark and gritty result.

    • Realistic effects. This category combines hdr, destruction actions, and realistic painting effect and so on. Any effect, which can help you to make your image looks more real, will be included in this category.

    • Text effects. Text effect will provide you with the opportunity to make your text layers catchier and more sophisticated. Make your text be memorable and unique!

    • Duotone effects. This kind of action will be a perfect variant for untraditional approaches. The selection is wide so you can opt between several interesting effects.

    • Abstract effect. This category includes abstract painting effects, which can add watercolors or some other abstract look to your image.

    • Art effects. To make your image look like hand painted art with the trendy and modern look apply to it Chrome art or painted art effect.

    • Poster effects. Here you can find all effect, which will help you in poster designing, starting with the sophisticated cinematic look and ending with frame effects.

We try to determine the main classification, but you must understand that the 2d actions include much more interesting effects. You can find a great amount of photo presets here. To determine the best action for your design you need to specify your needs. If you want to make your image tender and soft, try to add soft light leaks to it or pink tone actions. If you are going to create sharp and straight urban design, decide in favor of destruction or high saturation effects. For achieving sophisticated and inconvenient look opt some fire or underwater effect, such approach will help you to stand out from the other designers and photographers. With our 1d photo Photoshop action, you can think out of the box and spend more time in the creative part of your work by-passing the routine work.

What about 2d text Actions?

With the help of this action, you can make your text layers look more sophisticated and add the hint of creativity. You can opt the traditional gold, sparkling or neon styles for some club or celebrating designs or start thinking wider and turn your attention to more sophisticated styles like:

    • Halloween text styles. You can opt between slime, mummy, zombie, general Halloween, bloody text styles and etc.

    • Glitch text effects.

    • Sweet text styles for cute and tender designs.

    • Chalk effects

    • Retro and vintage text effect to runt back the time.

Our 2d free Photoshop action will be a great variant for poster designing. You can add cinematic or spooky look in few seconds. You can opt for general image improvements or more direct changing like adding the frame effect or cinematic look to your future poster design.

If you are interested in global using of 2d Photoshop action you can download
the pack of the best action. We will create some 2d Photoshop actions bundles from time to time. Just watch our updates and download our best action sets first! We will create some set for each season and for some huge occasions. If you are interested in downloading free packs, you can create your own action bundle and write us. We will try to make the more appropriate variant for your downloading or offer some more actions, which can satisfy your needs and demands. Start scrolling our huge listing and download the best 2d free Photoshop actions right now!

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