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Tender and romantic wedding shots. How to convey the romantic ambiance and create a memorable poster of the highest quality?

Dec 22, 2017


Tender and romantic wedding shots. How to convey the romantic ambiance and create a memorable poster of the highest quality?

The wedding day is one of the most important and thrilling moments of people life! The first step into the new life with the beloved, each significant moment of this ceremony must be professionally captured. For many photographers, it becomes the hard examination!  They must capture all important moments but don’t lose the magic of those. Beginning with the wedding preparation and ending with some gorgeous exit photos, everything must be perfect. But even if you are a skilled photographer and you know how and what you need to shoot, the major part of your task will begin only after wedding day will be gone.

When the next day begins you will need to start to opt the most stunning shot and delete the worst of them, don’t discard your mistakes. Try to distinguish the potentially good and useless photos.

You need to understand that you will create a memorable wedding book for the people and it must consist of the most sentimental and tender moments. But even when you pick all great shoots there will be a great volume of work. Now you can start editing.

Each photo must pass through the color compensation; it’s a general procedure with which you need to start. Then the creative part begins. You can opt some the most tender, romantic and significant shots and start creating a memorable wedding posters!

What can you do with them?

1   Change the color tones. There is no need to leave of all your shots in the present color grade, try to add some magical look with the help of different color tones.

2   Make any light manipulation. You can add some white or colorful lights. Experiment with some gradient duotone lights and the classical variant of light manipulation. Each of this variant will enhance the overall look.

3   Try to make some photos deeper with the sensual black and white effects.

4   Some photographers prefer to make some matter masterpieces. The soft and non-destructive pastel matte toning will improve the general look and convey the gentle and pure love ambiance.

5   For some wedding, the vintage effect will become a great solution. The vintage effect gain its popularity among the wedding couples! Why is that? Because vintage look will get not only romantic but professional look!

6   Pastel light enhancement. There is no doubt that the pastel colors can make any shot more unique romantic and tender. And of course, there is nothing to be surprised about that the pastel color enhancement is one of the most popular wedding photographer’s option! With this effect, you can make any shot look like the romantic fairy tale.

7   Don’t forget about retouch and makeup effects. Without these effects, you won’t be able to create any the perfect wedding portraits! The skin retouching effect will make the skin perfect and reduce or even delete the whole skin shortcoming. You can pick become natural soft retouching effects and more dramatic variants. It depends on the personal preferences and wedding theme.

8   Natural light overall! This type of effect will improve the picture overall in the most natural way. If you want to make the almost invisible improvement (only for the amateur of course)  then this type of action can become your best solution!

9   Don’t hesitate to make add some creative embellishments to the pictures. Add some tender flowers, butterflies, snowing, rain or rainbow effect. Such creative approach can add some professional finish to the best of shots! It’s a great option for memorable wedding poster. Try making it maximally perfect.

10   The one more thing you can to add is the frame. You can pick any frame from our stock or create your own, but the result can look outstanding in both these cases. Try adding some frames for some specific shots and you will make the wedding book even more creative but still elegant and romantic.

11   Vintage boho effects are also in high demand now! Of course, it will be a perfect photo enhancement when you are working with the boho styled wedding.

12   Aesthetic Wedding Photoshop Actions. This kind of effect will help to add some more beautiful colors to your wedding portraits. Don’t miss the opportunity to make it brighter.

13   Dark vintage photo effect also can make your wedding shot deeper and more sensual!

14   Sunset effect. The most romantic and tender shots can be captured during sunset! That’s why it’s so important to convey the spirit and the magic of this moment.

Of course, we have written about only the small part of wedding photo enhancement but they are the most popular nowadays.

On our website, you can find the great selection of wedding g Photoshop action including general effect and more sophisticated variants, like double exposure and matte haze photo effects. Any photographer can find something to your liking, just open what result you want to get and start creating the most romantic photo masterpieces you have ever created.

Not exactly what are you looking for? Check other our Photoshop actions!

Tender and romantic wedding shots. How to convey the romantic ambiance and create a memorable poster of the highest quality?
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