Free Retro Actions

This Free retro Photoshop actions category consists of great variety of free Photoshop action for Adding Vintage Effects to your Images! With one single click, you will be able to change the color tone and whole appearance, and your images will be dramatically transformed. Each effect is packed in a Smart object so the starting layer will be untouched. These small plugin files can be set up and used easily. PSD action is preconfigured recordings of a sequence of steps which are automatically applied to your own designs and photos with just one click. Download our free archive unzip it and set it up! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3! Save your time and make more designs in the shorter period of time! Make stunning vintage look with free Retro PSD actions! Each designer uses such tools for more efficient work process! Start spending your time on creativity, not boring editing. For more variant check out our premium retro category!