Free Retro Actions

Do you want to come back in time and add the stunning retro look to your modern image? Are you terrifying from the process of creating the decent retro effects? We can solve both your problems! Just download any of our free retro PSD action and apply it to any image. Any designer or photographer can find our effect useful in their work. Why is that? Let’s think out of the box! Any designer and photographer face the problem of creating some retro designs or photos. The process can be tiresome and can take days or even weeks of your time. Yes, of course, you can start creating your own effects, but let’s be wise! There is no need to do a double work when there is an opportunity to get ready free retro effects.

Our retro Photoshop actions can turn any your design into real retro masterpiece in few seconds! You just need to determine what exactly result you want to obtain. Whether you need a retro-looking text or just complete some thematic photo session shoots you can find appropriate effect here.

Our Photoshop action will work with any Photoshop version starting with cs4 and higher. The only feature you must to abide is that you must run the only English version of Photoshop in other circumstances you will fail. This fact is crucial so turn your attention to it.

How to apply our retro Photoshop actions.

The applying process is really simple and it consists of several steps.

  • Unzip the package and run our PSD file (before running the file we insist on reading the text file inside the package, there you will find some short guidelines and notes which are of high importance.)
  • Open your image you want to transform via your Photoshop.
  • Cope the image inside the Smart Object.
  • Turn on or turn off some layers of Smart Objects. By doing it you will change the final look of your image.
  • Save the result.

Of course, you can continue your editing process after applying the action and bring your design to the perfection. If you are not satisfied with the results after applying just turn off the Smart object and you will get your first layer without any destructions.

Before using our free retro effects, you must check that you image is in right color mode. Right color modes – RNG, 8bit color modes! If your image in the other modes switch them.

Where can you use retro effects?

The area of using our retro action is wide and unlimited. If you a web artist, designer or photographer you can use our actions in your working process with the aim to complete or improve your works. Retro effects are in high demand and they are widely used for portraits, advertisement materials, and modern art. Even if you are a general user and you want to add some sophisticated look to your own photos, you can download our action and use it for personal needs. The applying action is so simple that even the Photoshop newbies can figure out how it works.

What kinds of retro effect Photoshop actions can you find on our website?

We include all kinds of retro and vintage effects which can help you in creating the perfect work.

  • Black and white photo effects. The most popular and classical variant of retro effects.
  • Retro text effects. Don’t forget about text layers while editing the photo or creating the design.
  • Retro frame photo effects. Frames will complete some portrait works, landscape or thematic photos.
  • Lomo photo effects. A great variant if you want to achieve the oversaturated colors or prismatic effects! One of the most popular retro effect direction.


  • Color swap photo effects.
  • Pencil sketch photo effects. Your work will look exactly like the masterpiece of the retro picture. The great variant for portrait improvement.
  • Retro painting photo effects. Your image will look like painting masterpiece from the old time.
  • Sepia tone photo effects. Elegant and traditional retro effect for simple designs.
  • Triton photo filter photo effects. For those users who are tired of the sepia and black and white color variants.
  • Color noise photo effects. Add some noise to your image and get the old look.

It’s only the small part of retro effect we can offer you. For the extraordinary effects lovers we will also offer some extraordinary but still retro effects like smudge oil paint PSD action.

If you will be interested in few our retro effects, you can download the bundle of actions for your b&w portraits for example. You can create your own pack or wait for our compilation, which we will do from time to time for our dear clients.

We are sure that you won’t stop using the single retro effect so think twice about a bundle. If you aren’t satisfied with our free retro action selection and you are looking for more sophisticated and exquisite effects, you can scroll down our premium retro category there you will definitely find something to your liking. And remember that the free download doesn’t mean the poor quality!

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