Epic Glow Art Photoshop Action


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Epic Glow Art Photoshop Action

Epic Glow Art Photoshop Action will help you to complete your epic design with magical glowing. This action is the perfect variant for portrait works of the different theme. Like on preview you can apply it for general portrait work or some thematic designs like knight portraits or ballerina portraits.
After applying this action, you will get a colorful design with light leaks and some light patterns. You can use this action both for colorful and monochrome design depending on the result you want to get.
Purchase this action just for $4 and your general average work will stand out from the others and you won’t waste your free time on implementing your ideas! You will just need to unzip the package you purchase, run your Photoshop and open both our Smart object and the file you want to edit. Then copy your image inside the Smart Object and save the result.