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Make your photos even more attractive. Sometimes, it may happen that you need to make stress on something that is in the photo. That is the case, when you may want to use our refraction action for Photoshop. The action is able to focus on the most important part of the photo. Photoshop actions are able to yield amazing results, especially, if professionals made the actions. That is the case of is able to become your source of high-class actions. We understand that quality is what our clients want and we are able to give it. Our designers create stunning actions that are able to help even professionals. Buying our premium-class actions you get the action and a help file. It will help you understand how to use the action and get the necessary result. Do not worry, it is not difficult at all. The instructions are very clear and you will do everything correct event if you are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop.

Refraction action creates a very interesting effect. It creates a blurred background, blurs image contour and adds small geometric pieces. The combination of the effects is able to turn the source photo into a very attractive image. The final image is perfect material for further usage, for example as a background in a flyer.