Magic Storm Photoshop Action


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This amazing artistic effect is able to make any photo more dynamic. You need to pay attention to this action if you want to impress your friends with an amazing photo. This action adds a nice dark background. It also creates many relatively large and small elliptical bright details. Therefore, it creates an effect when an object of the photo is in the center of a magic storm. A large number of small details can make a photo look a bit sharper. Large elliptical elements are slightly blurred to create an out of focus effect. The combination of small and large elements helps to create the effect of volume. This action is great for photos of people.

Artistic effects may be quite tricky since you need to imagine how to put everything together in order to get a nice image. Sometimes, you may need to spend some time looking for resources. With actions from, you should not worry about anything. Our designers know what a client expects to get. Our team does everything possible to provide you with a first class solution. Spending a very reasonable amount of money, you will get a premium-class action that is able to create a very nice effect. It is the right time to amaze your friends with a stunning photo.