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For Photographers and designer comfortable work, there are a lot of additional Photoshop, tool, plugins, and filter which can make their work easier. Photo overlays can help you to improve the overlook in few second with minimal efforts and actions. This way of photo editing is in the high demand right now and if you feel that you are hard pressed for time because of work, overloading you should start using this additional tool on the every-day base. Considering the free availability of such tools you can enjoy the more comfortable and easy working process without any time and money spent at all! It’s a wise decision of the professionals, so don’t hesitate to start using these overlays right now.

Our new free photo overlays category can offer you a great variety of interesting and sophisticated overlays. Each photographer and designer will find something special for himself here. We offer any photo overlays starting with light leak overlays and ending with some rain overlays. Each day we will try to make the range of the available overlays only wider, so you can watch our updates and we are sure that you will find something helpful and unique for your future design each time!

Who can use these overlays?

In general, everyone, but of course the target audience of this Photoshop tool are photographers and designers. However, the usage of the photo overlays is so simple that even the amateur Photoshop user can download some overlays for personal use.

How to apply/use these photo overlays?

If you deal with photo overlays at the first time, we are ready to provide you with the short guidelines how to apply our Photoshop overlays without any problems.

There are only three easy steps you should follow to apply the overlay to your image:

Open your image you want to improve and our overlay in your Photoshop.

Copy the overlay and place it on the image you want to change.

Switch to the blending mode.

These steps will take only a minute or even less! Imagine how much time you will save by using these photo overlays in your everyday work. Only One bundle of overlays can essentially help you during your photo editing or design creating! But if you use more than one overlay in your work, you will enjoy each moment of your not hard but pleasant working day.

What about the dimensions of the free photo overlays?

It’s quite comfortable – Free overlays resolution will be 5000 х 3000рх! If you want to get a higher resolution, you should turn your attention on the premium bundles, but still, our free photo overlays can offer a high-quality result.

How to pick the perfect overlays?

Before picking the right photo overlays to determine your needs and goals, it will make your choice easier. On the other hand, you just can download them all and start experiment!

Which benefits can offer our free photo overlays?

First of all, our free photo overlays bundles can provide you with the opportunity of quick photo editing of each your image for the unlimited period of time! It’s an unlimited access which you can enjoy for free!

Secondly, for your comfort each our photo overlays is provided with the preview image with the help of which you can understand what exactly result you can get after applying our overlay to your image! Of course, you can influence on the final result, but in case you want just apply a sophisticated overlay and forget about this task, our overlays can offer this way of editing.

Why should you choose exactly our overlays?

Because with our overlays your images will always look unique and creative! You can mix and combine our overlays with the aim to create something new and special. None of our overlays won’t ruin your image ambiance or create the wrong appearance! We work hard to make each of our photo overlays to be a real masterpiece work! Try one of our photo overlay bundle and you will see that the high-quality is our main priority!

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