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Nov 16, 2018
Retro photo effects are still in demand. It’s one of the most trendy photo directions now and the sphere of its usage is unlimited. Generally, such photo effects are used for portrait work. They can get some mystery and thrilling hint to the portrait. The hypnotizing black and white portraits look really deep and sensual. However, achieving this deep appearance can become a tedious and sometimes even unrealizable task to overcome. Photographers even with the wide experience can face the problem of tight terms and the lack of inspiration, amateurs in their turn will face the problem of lack of experience. But all these problems can be solved by just using the professional retro photo effects.
Our retro photo effects can be used by professional photographers, designers or by just some amateurs who desire to create some professional retro look without additional time-consuming procedures.
Remember that retro photo effects are all the rage! And out retro Photoshop actions will provide your photos with the magnificent retro look in three simple steps!
For Photoshop newbies or just for preventing additional questions we write a small explanation how to use our retro photo effect.

How to use: unzip the action folder. By the way, inside the package, you will also find some text file where you can read all main usage steps. Then you will need to run your Photoshop, it must be Photoshop CS4+ English version. Make sure that you are running the English version, please cause it won’t work with other language versions. Open both your image you want to edit and our Smart objects then copy your image into the Smart object and enjoy the retro design! All these steps will take only a few seconds of your time and you will get a professionally designed vintage photo for just 4$! It so simple that even the little kid can figure out how it works! It is not a jaw-breaking task so relax and apply it!
What can retro effects do with your image?
• Add some old-fashioned look to any event the modern design
• Give some damaged effect to your image
• Turn your bright and colorful but boring work into the black and white masterpiece with deep look
• Make your portrait works hypnotizing and sensual just in one click
• Save you time and offer the unlimited usage
• Turn some photos’ shortcoming into their benefits
• Spice up your image
• Add some soft glowing to your image
• Change the color grade. Make it softer.
• Make your image remarkable and memorable.
• Some effect can even offer some soft retro gradient look (just look through our effect listing)

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Premium Retro
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