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Free Vintage

Nov 16, 2018
Who can be interested in free vintage effect?
The main target audience is designers, photographers, web artists, advertisers, and promoters. It’s if we talk about professionals if not, any amateur can download some of our action and use it for improvement their illustrations or photos for Instagram.
The vintage effect will add some romantic ambiance to wedding shots or make the no-themed photo session brighter. When you create some advertisement and you are looking for the untraditional solution. The vintage effect will become your saver. Vintage effect is now in trend and they will prevent senseless using of brushes with the aim to create your own vintage effect. For photographers, these effects will play value role! They will save a lot of time by using only one effect, say nothing of using the huge bundle of actions! When you come into the decision to download a huge pack of vintage or retro effect, you make a wise decision. Because when you have a selection you can opt the perfect, variant of vintage or retro look to each your design. The editing process will become not only faster but also more pleasant!
Applying guidelines
After downloading any of vintage effect, you will need to unzip the package. Next step – open your image via your Photoshop then open our Smart object (we remind you that all our Photoshop actions are packed with the Smart objects for your comfortable use) and the last step you need to do is just copy your image into the Smart Object. The whole process will last less than a minute and you will get a completed design.
One specific feature is that you can change the action a little bit. How can you do it? Very simple/ each action consists of several layers, each of them influences the final look. You can turn on or turn off some of them and get slightly different results.
After downloading you will be able to use our actions as additional Photoshop filter! Just turn it on or turn it off and your image will transform in a magical way.
Also before using, you must bear in your mind some crucial features! Your image must be in RNG, 8BIT color modes! And you must use the only English version of Photoshop!

What types of free vintage effects can we offer you?
Color Threshold Art Effect. Create the perfect duotone vintage masterpiece with the perfect balance of light and darkness.
Texture, golden-book style effects. Achieve heavily textured, painterly aesthetic look in one click.
Vintage pop art effect. Transform your image into vintage pop art comic masterpiece and enjoy the quick result.
Vintage and retro poster effects. This category consider all vintage navy motives and help you to create something really special. It doesn’t matter whether you need to achieve stunning tattoo-style art look or tender retro poster you can do it with the help of actions of poster category.
Sepiaeffects. Classicalvariant.
Monochrome effects. Another widely used effect, which is used with the aim to make the appearance deeper.
Duotone effects. Duotone effect will transform your modern colorful image into vintage spirit masterpiece.
90s style effects. Come back to the 90’s in your vintage designs.
3d vintage effects. This category can make your vintage design more realistic.
Vintage frames. Vintage frames can be applied to your designs after all main customization and improvements with the aim to complete the whole look.
Vintage effects for your logo. For business cards vintage effect can become s great solution.
Glitch vintage effects. Glitch effect will perfectly suit some club or party flyers or design which are aimed to attract the attention with it the extraordinary look.
Before opting the type of action, determine your needs and the result you want to get. Only you know what effect will help you to achieve the desired result.
Just think of Photoshop actions as about tool, which can help you make your working process more productive!

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Free Vintage
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