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Premium Light Leaks

Nov 16, 2018
What light leaks effect can we offer to our clients?
First of all, we must notice that the variation of this effect is unlimited. We as professional, try to provide our clients with the whole selection of light leak effects, so we add some new action into this category every week. Now we can offer a decent amount of effects, such as:
Futuristic light leaks. Hurry up to add some futuristic vibes to your image!
Retro light leaks. With them, you retro design will look sophisticated and complete.
Vintage light leaks. It’s another way to make your vintage project look creative.
Soft light leaks will add a tender glowing touch to your image.
Different color light leaks. You can opt what color of light leaks to apply!
Light leaks for your wedding photos.
Modern light leaks. All new trends in light leaks effect will be available here.
Film projector light leaks for adding the sophisticated cinematic look in one single click.
All of these Photoshop actions can be used for any graphical design. Some of our light leaks effects can add a soft glowing touch and make your image more tender, like violet light leaks flow can make a spring or even wedding photo both tender and creative.
Who will find these Photo effects useful and interesting?
Any person who is connected with the graphic design or photography can use our light leaks Photoshop actions for design improvement. Even the general Photoshop user can buy some light leaks effect for the photography improvement. Due to Smart object packaging, the usage of these Photoshop actions will be easy and comfortable even for Photoshop newbies.

Where can you use the light leak effects?
These photo effects are multifunctional, so you can use it for any graphical design. For example, light leaks can become the perfect solution for spicing up some of your motion graphical works. You can add it to your background layer and make a feeling of rich movement. Light leaks photo effect can be used in music productions, advertisements, sports scenes, promos, general photography, weddings, fashion, portrait shoots, invitations, graphic designs, animations, etc. You can try it in any sphere and use for general image and design improvement.
We offer a series of Light leaks PSD actions and you can buy separate products or buy a bundle of Light leaks effects. For those clients who are aimed to use action in their work all the time, we offer to buy several actions and mix them with the aim to achieve the more unique design, which will stand out from the others.
Some details you should pay attention to:
Before applying, make sure that you are running Photoshop CS4+ English version! Ouractionsworkproperlyonlyinthisversion.
Check out the color mode of your image! Your image must be in RGB and 8bit color modes!
When all these details are checked, you can open you, image and our smart object and copy your image inside the smart object! Then you can continue the process of creation (editing) or just save the result and use it as the final version. As you can see our premium Light leaks photo effect is the simple stroke of a genius! We put soul and a lot of effort in each our product, cause we value our reputation and our clients’ satisfaction.

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Premium Light Leaks
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