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Premium Grunge

Nov 16, 2018
What is grunge effect? For what photo content can I use this photo effect?
Grunge photo effects combine different rips, tears, decay, smears, and scratches. They are used with the aim to create a dark and gritty result. For what type of photo content can you use it? For any type of course! You can create some urban landscape or stunning portrait with the hint of the gothic theme. In addition, this type of photo effect will look gorgeous for some club flyer invitation or some cinematic designs. It doesn’t really matter what type of photo content you want to improve, the grunge effect is now in demand and any image will magically transform with the help of such creative but still modern effect.
What about applying process?
It’s simple as ABC! After purchasing any of our grunge photo effect (or even the bundle of effects), you will get an unlimited access to it! It means that you can apply it in a different way and to any amount of pictures. You should unzip the package and read the text file inside. There you will find a sort instructions and notes to make sure of. Then you just need to run your Photoshop and open both your image you want to edit and our Smart object (all our Photoshop actions are packed with them), then just copy your image into the Smart object and save the result. You can always continue your customization and editing process even after applying the action. While editing you will find that the effect consists of several layers and you can turn on or turn off some of them with the aim to change the final look! Also, you will find some variant of color grades which you will also need to pick and turn on! In such way we just wider your opportunities! You can apply this action unlimitedly and in each case, you can get a slightly different effect. Of course, you can use your imagination and add some your layer! But it’s not necessary.
If some question or issues will appear during the usage of this or any other Photoshop action, you can ask us for a help! Our designers will be happy to make the usage of our premium product even more comfortable for you!

Who are the target audiences? Who can be interested in using this effects?
First of all this Photoshop action is aimed to help all photographers and designers in editing their photo content and implement all their ideas in the shortest terms. Due to its comfortability and usefulness, almost any user can buy and use this action for their photo editing. So even if you only a beginner or Photoshop newbie it won’t be a problem for you to buy any Grunge Photoshop action and apply it to your image.
What about affordability?
Yes, the price is more than just affordable. One Grunge photo effect will cost you only $4 and you will get an unlimited access to it for unlimited time period. It means that you can use it for your future works and save both your time and money in the future. Furthermore, you can watch our special offers and updates. We can guarantee that sometimes there will be some special offers for our loyal clients and you will be able to buy the Photoshop actions of premium quality even cheaper than now. Also if you interested in buying the bundle of Photoshop actions you can get the very attractive offer. We are trying to satisfy each our client and offer concessions all the time.
One more detail for those users who aren’t ready to pay for the Photoshop actions so far they don’t try them! Some of our Photoshop action, including the grunge photo effects are available for free download. You can try some of them and then come back to purchase the more unique and professional Photoshop actions. After trying some of our free products, users become our loyal clients. Now we already have a great number of satisfied and graceful clients who buying our premium actions all the time.

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Premium Grunge
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